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Essay代写范文-Analysis of All Falls Down

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  • 作者:博远教育
  • 导读:本文是一篇音乐分析Essay代写范文,本文将从以下几个方面来分析坎耶·韦斯特的歌曲AllFallsDown,包括一些基本的事实信息、关于艺术家坎耶·韦斯特的一些一般信息、使用的技巧、坎耶·韦斯特想向观众表达的内容、这首歌是否具有攻击性,以及我对这首歌的个人感受。
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本文是一篇音乐分析Essay代写范文,题目为:Analysis of All Falls Down,本文将从以下几个方面来分析坎耶·韦斯特的歌曲《All Falls Down》,包括一些基本的事实信息、关于艺术家坎耶·韦斯特的一些一般信息、使用的技巧、坎耶·韦斯特想向观众表达的内容、这首歌是否具有攻击性,以及我对这首歌的个人感受。希望本文的分析能对如何更好地理解这首歌提供一些有见地的建议。


It is known to us that many people have formed the habit of listening to the music in our daily life and we tend to resonate with the musicians when we listen to their songs. The songs are actually the embodiment of the thoughts and feelings of the musicians at a specific moment and the musicians would like to express their thoughts and feelings, which is actually the terminal aim for why the musician would like to sing a song at the first place. There is no doubt that the analysis of a song can help the audience know better about the song so that they can learn more or less during their listening process of the song. Therefore this paper would like to analyze the song called All Falls Down by Kanye West from the below few aspects: some basic factual information, some general information about the artist Kanye West, the techniques used, what Kanye West would like to express to the audience, whether this song is aggressive or not as well as my personal feelings toward this song. It is hoped that this analysis can help give some insightful suggestions as for how to better understand this song.


Analysis of All Falls Down

First and foremost, some basic factual information of the song will be given. To put it more specifically, the song All Falls Down is from Kanye West, an American hip hop artist, and it was released in February 2004 as the third single from his debut album, The College Dropout. The featured artist of this song is Syleena Johnson and the genres of this song is hip-hop/rap or pop. Bakari Kitwana has illustrated that the white kids tend to love hip-hop a lot so that this song can be popular is easy to be understood in this respect (Bakari Kitwana. 2005). In the meantime, the article titled “Hip-Hop Turns Thirty” as well proposes that the hip-hop is a hit and it is welcome in the vast majority of people. It is obvious that this genre is bound to develop better and better in approaching days. And this song had entered the UK Singles Chart at number ten and it peaked at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 on May 11, 2004, which is the second time for him to be Top ten in the U.S. And what cannot be neglected is that this song had even been nominated for Sung Collaboration and Best Rap at the 47th Grammy Awards. Based on this, it is not hard to detect that this song is definitely a success and it has been liked by a vast majority of listeners, which is right why this song can out-compete other songs in the competitions.

What follows next will be some general information about the artist Kanye West. West is an American entrepreneur, fashion designer, rapper, record producer, singer and songwriter. Though he has served as various different positions in his life, the most significant one for him is that he is one among the most acclaimed musicians in the 21st century. But opinion has it that West is always recognized as wilding out, but his voice represented the public at a period over history. Things changed with the lines and people began to wonder about his mental stability in the last year and a half. Nevertheless, he always knew how he could manipulate the media and he was well aware of his own ability in making the stir, which can be readily detected from his stirring the pot. Just take the song All Falls Down as an example, it is actually the one that promoted his career and played a role in breaking ground with his music direction for the following years. According to this, the importance of this song for the life of West can be easily predicted.

And then the techniques used by this song will be analyzed. Detailed speaking, the live instrumentation of this song is applied together with the acoustic guitar played by the Ken Lewis, a famed guitarist (Brad Washington. 2018). There is no doubt that the help of the guitarist has really helped a lot in making this song a favored one by the wide public. In the meantime, Kanye even employed Def Poetry Jam’s portions in this song. Apart from that, what has been stated is that the track of this song can be seen as a precursor for a series of other themes in his music, like “Addiction”, “Crack Music” and “Gold Digger” (Brad Washington. 2018). However, what is a pity to say is that the record of this song was a separation from the sped-up sample-driven sound of the album even though it was technically sampled out of Hill’s sampled portion of the song used as the main melody of this song.

In addition, what follows next is what Kanye West would like to express to the audience through this song. Detailed speaking, West aimed to take his listeners to examine his own insecurities in consumerism on the one hand and to state that buying material items is the way that the African-Americans have used to mask their own insecurities (Brad Washington. 2018). The lyrics of this song can provide strong evidence for West’s examining the insecurities and self-consciousness in the society, especially the black community. The unequal treatment received by the black has also been put forward by Robin D. G. Kelley, which can be seen by the sentence that “Perhaps the supreme irony of black American existence is how broadly black people debate the question of cultural identity among themselves”. Here “the supreme irony of black American existence” can be seen as another way to express the unequal treatment for the black Americans. Besides, West has also explored how those features pertain to the economic materialism. For instance, the repeated use of “when it all falls down” (Genius Media Group Inc. 2018) in this song can help indicate the worries of West when he is composing this song and he is unknown how to act when it all falls down. In so doing, it is not hard to understand that the insecurities of both the African-Americans and West himself are really urgent to be handled. Or maybe it can be put in another way that the handling of the insecurities of both the African-Americans and West himself can be seen as the motivating factor that drives West to produce this song.

Apart from that, another aspect that I would like to analyze is whether this song is aggressive or not. In fact, it can be easily found that this song is not aggressive at all even if West is trying to address the insecurities of the whole black community. At the later part of this song, it tends to have used “I’ll be fine, fine, fine” for many times and the word “fine” lasts for quite a lot of times (Genius Media Group Inc. 2018). In this sense, it is not hard to get that this song is not aggressive and West would like to comfort the black community through the words in his song. The song can usually take function in eliminating the negative thoughts of the public so that people can forget their unhappiness for the time being when they are listening to the music.

Last but not the least, I would like to talk more about how I feel when I come across this song. I have to admit that I produce sad feelings when I listen to this song and I wonder what has happened to the artist that motivates him/her to say that all falls down. We may not say that all falls down on most occasions and such words will only be used when something really horrible occurs. But after I listen to this song, I feel calm and the comfort effect of this song really works well on me. I am sure that this song can help comfort most people at that time when the black people are living in insecurities at that time. Through this, I learn that songs have to be heard if you would like to express your own thoughts toward them; otherwise you won’t know how you may feel toward them. And the sense of listening to the same song at different periods will cause different thoughts even for the same person.


To sum up, a reasonable conclusion can be drawn that the analysis of a song is really a troublesome work and there is quite much that has to be analyzed in order to better understand a certain song, including some basic factual information, some general information about the artist Kanye West, the techniques used, what Kanye West would like to express to the audience, whether this song is aggressive or not as well as my personal feelings toward this song. And it actually requires listening to the song over and over again in order to gain a better understanding of the song in the end. There is no doubt that there are many other aspects that are relevant to All Falls Down that have not been mentioned in the above, which calls for further efforts in the future. Only in this way can this song be better interpreted in the due time. And I have planned that I would try my best to consider many relevant aspects toward the song in my later process of listening to the song so as to learn as much as possible.  

综上所述,可以得出一个合理的结论,对一首歌的分析确实是一件麻烦的工作,为了更好地理解某首歌,有很多需要分析的内容,包括一些基本的事实信息,关于艺术家Kanye West的一些一般信息,使用的技巧,Kanye West想向观众表达的内容,这首歌是否有攻击性,以及我个人对这首歌的感受。实际上,这需要反复听这首歌,以便最终更好地理解这首歌。毫无疑问,还有许多其他方面与上述未提及的所有跌倒相关,这需要今后进一步努力。只有这样,这首歌才能在适当的时候得到更好的诠释。我计划在以后听这首歌的过程中,尽量考虑与这首歌相关的许多方面,以便尽可能多地学习。