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Essay代写范文-Be brave in our life

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  • 作者:博远教育
  • 导读:本文是一篇Essay代写范文。生命是短暂的,时间是转瞬即逝的,在我们出生的那一刻,我们已经注定要走上死亡之路,而这个过程就发生在眨眼之间。生活也是充满挑战的,每天我们都需要为生存而奋斗。
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本文是一篇Essay代写范文,题目为:Be Brave in Our Life.生命是短暂的,时间是转瞬即逝的,在我们出生的那一刻,我们已经注定要走上死亡之路,而这个过程就发生在眨眼之间。生活也是充满挑战的,每天我们都需要为生存而奋斗。

Life is short and time is fleeting, at the minute we born, we have already been set to walk on the way to death and this process happens just in the blink of an eye. Life is also challenging, every day we need to struggle to survive. So, why do we still enjoy our lives? “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get” (FORREST GUMP 1994). This famous sentence from the movie Forrest Gump tells the truth of our life. Life is unpredictable, no one knows what is going to happen in the next minute. In other words, life is full of possibilities, as long as you can overcome your fear and be willing to explore, you will have a brand new recognition and find a brand new world. Therefore, we need to value our life and most important, be brave in our life.


Time is limited, we need to be brave in our life. The only thing we can say for sure that it will grow all the time is our age. If we don’t seize time, time will abandon us.  An article attached with a serious of photos called “Stop therapy and accompany me to travel around the world -- the most positive choice made by a 90 year-old granny who is diagnosed with Cancer” arouses a heat discussion on both the internet and the wechat. Some people praise the courage of the old granny and say we should take the obstacles in life for granted and face them bravely. However, most of the young generations give comments like “Why should we wait until such a situation to take action to fulfill our dream and do what we really would like to do?” “Life is short and we should live for ourselves.” “I will not wait until that old to travel around the world.” From all those comments, we can see although the optimism of the granny is well worth learning, it also pathetic that she waits in her whole life to fulfill this dream until the moment that she was diagnosed with cancer. Time takes away our youth with no mercy. If there’s a goal you want to achieve or a dream you want to realize, just be brave, seize the time and take action right now.

Chances are unique, we need to be brave in our life. The lyrics in the song Lose Yourself in the movie 8 MILES impressed me a lot. One of the lyrics went “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?”(8 MILES 2002). Life is not replicable and chances in our life are unique. Once you miss them, you miss them forever. Let’s take the hottest topic, house buying, as an example, As everyone knows, due to the rigid demand of the people in big cities of China, the price of buying a house is soaring. Compared with the price ten years ago at around CNY 5000 per square-meter, the price now reaches over 20000 or even 30000 in some area in Guangzhou, which is 4 to 5 times of the price then. Ten years ago, people hesitated to buy a house, for it would become a large burden to the family and could not see the value in it. But now, people scramble to place an order, even though they need to apply for a mortgage and live in debt. Someone will say,” How gorgeous it would be if I had made up my mind to buy a house ten years ago!” However, chances will not come again. There’s another example, in recent years, New Zealand and Australia offer the Working Holiday Visa for Chinese citizens between age 18 to 30. Many teenagers could take this opportunity to experience a one year’s foreign life. Whereas, many friends around me desire to get this chance but do not dare to take the step. They have got so many worries, like “do I really quit my current job and spent a whole year on an unpredictable journey?” “What can I get from this year’s experience and what should I do when I am back?” “Do I need to start over again?” and so on. As time passes by, they fall in love, get married and give birth to a baby, then, they suddenly think about the journey they dreamed before. But now, decisions are no easy to make, since they are either tied up with a family or over 30. They can do nothing right now, but regret for their hesitation. Therefore, be brave to make a choice. If we see a chance coming to us, just capture it to seize everything we ever wanted and do not let it slip.

Life is full of challenges, we need to be brave in our life. Life is like a boat at sea and we all know it will never be a flat journey. When difficulties stand in our way, it’s bravery that gives us courage and power to fight it back and beat it. There’s a person called Nick Vujicic, who is my idol of being brave in life. He was born with absence of four limbs, but a small foot with 2 toes. When he went to school, he was mocked and bullied. He tried to commit suicide, but failed. At the age of nineteen, he started to sell his speech to different schools. After 52 times rejection, he finally got a chance to hold a speech with 50 dollars salary. And from then on, he started his career as a speaker. In 2010, his self-biography Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life was republished, which spread his story and influences thousands of people. As what he wrote in his self-biography,” No matter what our challenges might be, never think there’s something we can’t achieve, or there’s a limitation and impossibility ”(Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life 2012). Being brave is a spirit, a belief and energy inside our body. Don’t be afraid of any challenge in your life. Don’t set a ceiling for yourself. Life is full of possibilities. Be brave and be the master of your fate.

All in all, a large part of our achievements come from our bravery. Being brave is the core motivity in our unpredictable life for which can help us to make good use of the limited time to grasp every opportunity and face challenges with courage and power. Although sometimes bravery brings risk, we still need to step forward. We should use our wisdom to control the risk, but not fearing it. And only in this way, shall we feel no regrets in our life.