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Drama Essay代写范文-《琐事》(Trifles)

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  • 导读:西方人文类专业基础课中有很多的Drama分析,这是欧美教育体系的一大特色。很多在国外读书的同学们,尤其是从中学时代就在国外受教育的留学生们大都有过写中长篇戏剧分析Essay,诸如莎士比亚之类的戏剧分析的经历。
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今天我们就来分享一篇Drama Essay代写范文,而分析的作品是美国女性戏剧作家苏珊·格拉斯佩尔成名之作《琐事》。和莎士比亚的作品不同,《琐事》(Trifles)是一个独幕剧,它非常的短小精悍。《琐事》讲述了这样一个故事:在一所小村镇里发生了一起谋杀案,被害人是村镇里的农民莱特,而犯罪嫌疑人则是他的妻子。



Trifles was the best-known one-act drama written by Susan Glaspell and was first put on stage in 1916. The play has been regarded as a classic feminist play which reveals the underlying discrepancies between male and female and women's living situations in the patriarchic society. 

The clear-cut contrast between male and female characters reflects in-depth consideration of gender roles and relationships. This mini-essay aims to compare how women's roles are portrayed in the play with how women's roles are today. In Trifles, women's roles are marginalized and oppressed, while today women's positions have significantly improved.

The play portrayed women's marginalized and oppressed social status by depicting the oppressed family life of Mrs. Minnie Wright. The drama tells a detective story of the murder of John Wright, a tyrannical Midwestern farmer who was founded dead in his own house, with his wife Minnie Wright on suspicion of murder. The reality of the Wrights' life was uncovered by the investigation.

Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale were two female investigators in the play, incontrast with the male investigators. The sheriff said: "nothing here but kitchen things." (Glaspell, 1916) when he was at the kitchen. The preserves in the kitchen, the unfinished knitting quilt, and the broken bird cage, which were trivial things in the eyes of men, let the women walk into the inner world of Minnie Wright and reproduce the life of Minnie. 

When they discovered the dead canary, they instinctively came to the conclusion: John Wright's strangling of the singing canary, the only companion of the isolated Minnie, also strangled Minnie's last hope. With profound sympathy for Minnie, the women decided to keep the most damning evidence to themselves. The bleak, disordered kitchen of the Wrights was the place where all the actions took place. 

More importantly, the kitchen is the representation of men's domination and marginalization of women. The "trifles" the women uncovered became the evidence of Mr. Wright's mastery over his wife. It is clear that Minnie suffered from severe and long-time oppression by her husband. And this oppression directly led to her marginalized, isolated, and oppressed family role, which further led to the murder. Therefore, by revealing the reality of Minnie's plight, the play depicted women's subordinate roles of that time.

The play portrayed women's marginalized and solitary roles by showing the investigation process conducted by male and female investigators simultaneously. When Mrs. Peters shows sympathy for Minnie's preserves which go bad because of the cold, Mr. Peters says disdainfully: "Well, can you beat the women! Held for murder and worrying about her preserves." (Glaspell, 1916) 

This shows the male investigator's discrimination and scorn of female ones. When Mr. Peters overhears Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters' dialogue about Minnie Wright’s affairs, Mr. Peters gives his mock and satire, "They wonder if she wasgoing to quilt or just knot it!" (Glaspell, 1916) This is both discrimination against the female investigators and Minnie. 

While the two women were working in the kitchen, occupied in the "trivial things," the men repeatedly disappeared in the eyes of the viewers, searching and collecting evidence either upstairs or outside around the house which was absent on thestage. All these details show the opposition between men and women, and especially the isolated and undervalued circumstances of women.

Today, women's roles and social status have significantly improved, though male domination still exists. The drama was created about a century ago when male domination over females and their lives were prevalent. Over the decades, as feminist movements continued to develop, more and more people began to recognize the increasing importance of female positions. Women now are more independent, self-dominant, and less oppressed in both family life and wider social environment. 

Moreover, women's call for change has never stopped. In the drama, Minnie had been mistreated by Mr. Wright, and the two female investigators understand the feelings of being oppressed by men. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale sympathize with Minnie, and they hide the evidence against Minnie so that she will be spared the punishment for murdering her husband. The action of Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale is indeed a call for change of the patriarchal system of gender which privileges the male over the female.

In conclusion, Glaspell's Trifles reflected men's domination, dictatorship and oppression over women by portraying the inferior role of Mrs. Minnie Wright as well as the investigation process that favors men's judgment. Nowadays, women's roles and social status have greatly improved with the enhancement of feminist awareness. The drama also inspires more future researchers to explore the roles and the true meaning of justice for women.