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Book Report范文-亨丽埃塔的不朽生命

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  • 作者:致远教育
  • 导读:本文是一篇BookReport代写范文,题目为亨丽埃塔的不朽生命,这是一本百科全书,向我们讲述了医学领域的科学,种族歧视,宗教信仰,伦理或学说以及女性的弱势地位的故事。
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本文是一篇Book Report代写范文,题目为The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,这是一本百科全书,向我们讲述了医学领域的科学,种族歧视,宗教信仰,伦理或学说以及女性的弱势地位的故事。


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks亨丽埃塔的不朽生命

I had been already intrigued by the comments on the book cover when I first got The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I am not a big fan of such books and novels, but all the stuff in the book are more than just instructive and touching to me. The scientific discoveries listed in the book, the life stories of Henrietta Lacks behind Hela Cell, and the painstaking process to find all the relative truth with Hela Cell by Rebecca, the writer and Henrietta’s daughter, Deborah, have all inspired me a lot. It’s an encyclopedic book which tells us a story of science, racial discrimination, religious belief, ethics or doctrines in medicine field and female’s vulnerable position.

当我第一次得到亨丽埃塔·莱克斯不朽的生命时,我已经被封面上的评论所吸引。我不是这类书籍和小说的超级粉丝,但书中的所有内容对我来说不仅仅是教育和感动。书中列举的科学发现,亨丽埃塔在Hela Cell背后所缺少的人生故事,以及作家Rebecca和Henrietta的女儿Deborah为寻找与Hela Cell相关的所有真相而进行的艰苦过程,都给了我很多启发。这是一本百科全书,讲述了科学、种族歧视、宗教信仰、医学领域的伦理或教义以及女性的弱势地位。

To me, the most poignant point of the book is the description of race and Deborah’s assiduous work to seek her identity by studying her mom’s stroy. As a Chinese student, who comes to the country only for three years, I sometimes can also feel the discrimination. I may safely say that to some Anglo-Saxon descendants that we Chinese people are also “colored”. Just a week ago, I read a piece of news about how a Chinese female was orally abused and kicked by a local native in a bus. I was the same furious and sad about what happened to her. When I came across the part of depicting how the black people couldn’t get treated even if they would die in the next minute in front of a hospital which is exclusively for white patients, tears swelled up in my eyes. I can’t imagine how a person can live in a society where there are tons of restrictions and bans on what he (she) can do, where he is allowed to go or even the air he can breathe. However, from the facts presented by the writer, the hared of Lacks family toward white people is often misled by many rumors. The tension between the white and the black has existed so long that it cannot be mitigated by just some words.


During the process of reading the book, what has been lasting in my mind is not anger or sympathy for the Lacks family. What impressed me most was Deborah’s efforts to find out the truth of what happened to her mother, Henrietta and her sister, Elsie. When other members of her family strives to get money from Henrietta’s cell, Deborah cares most the life of her mother. It’s a way to establish her self-identity. Without a mother’s care since only one year old, Deborah had very hard lives. When she was young, she was abused by a so-called stepmother, who is the wife of her mother’s cousin and also the mistress of her own father, and then molested by the cousin. When she was only sixteen years old, she was pregnant and then chose to raise the two kids by her own after the domestic violence and mess from her husband. I couldn’t help shedding tears while learning all the touch stories, but I was more touched by her strength to fight against the hardships. Deborah leads a life path nearly the same as her mother before Henrietta’s death. Both grew up without mother’s care, both became a mom before turning eighteen years old, both suffered the irresponsibility of the husband, but both are the same strong to protect their kids and kind to others in need.

Throughout Deborah’s life before she found about her mom’s cell, Deborah knew nothing about her mother and sister. She was alone and lonely living in the world. She didn’t know where she came from and the only thing supporting her living in the world is her kids. On the way to learn her mother and’ sister’s truth, she told the writer “it makes me realize that I did have a mother, and all the tragedy she went through. It hurts but I wanna know more, just like I wanna know about my sister. It makes me feel closer t them, but I do miss them. I wish they were here.” The way to seeking the truth of her mother is the way to seek her root and her self-identity. Her best movie is Roots. Living the underprivileged life in the American society, the Lacks family are always fighting poverty and the white society. The community of black people was marginalized after they were freed from slavery. Their lives were at the mercy of plant owners and they didn’t own their own bodies. So they were confused and lost once they had rights to deal with whatever they wanted to do about themselves. By finding all the details behind her mother, Deborah is able to find where she belongs, thus establishing her identity. Hence Henrietta also becomes immortal in the blood of her offsprings as her cell does.

The book also makes me think a lot about what I am studying now and what I will do in my future. When I was watching TV series and movies since childhood, I was so fascinated by the white gowns on the doctors. I think what they do on the operation tables are so cool and heroic. My family also has the most people engaging in medicine business or doctors. So studying medicine is more than natural to them. In spite of all my admiration of doctors, I have never been one hundred percent sure that I also want to be a cool doctor or a good worker in the field. Because I know becoming a qualified doctor demands much more than admiration or interest. To accomplish something in the field requires much more studious work than in other fields. So when my parents proposed sending me overseas for studying medicine on the ground that I won’t have too much trouble getting a job after graduation since the family has more connection in the aspect, I was unwilling to do that. But after a few days’ refection, I accepted their suggestion because of my cowardice. It’s well-known that getting a decent job in China is much harder than in other countries since the number of undergraduates or graduates is so much larger. I was afraid that I would end up with no job after graduation, which would be very shameful to me and the family. So here I am, in the country with the most advanced technology.

However, after reading this book, I find the motive of studying medicine inside me is totally changed. Though I have great sympathy for Lacks family, who cannot afford their health insurance even if their mother’s cell has made many people millionaires or billionaires, and who cannot afford the pills which may be developed by the help of their mother’s cell, I still admire the strenuous work done by those scientists who have made so much contribution to the development of science and cured so many more patients. Though George Gey is the culprit who hides the truth behind Hela Cell from Lacks family and somehow causes the tension and anxiety in Lacks family, he is the doctor and researcher who has done the most contribution to science. I was so moved by his passion and dedication to science. “Whenever an idea hit him, he sat wherever he was-at his desk, kitchen table, a bar, or behind the wheel of his car-gnawing on his ever-present cigar and scribbling diagrams on napkins or the backs of torn-off bottle labels”. What he did maybe unjust to Henrietta and her family, but he was a selfless person in his career. He and his wife lived in very shabby position because he always spent his own money in buying equipment for the lab and never charged a penny while giving away Hela cells his lab cultured. Meanwhile, many companies have gained large profits because of his invention. Gey made through his medical school by working in construction for eight years on and off. He devoted all his life and soul to science.

 I, a well-provided student, who has every support from the family, have no reason to fear the hard work of studying medicine. I feel embarrassed and shamed for the old me. I don’t have the ambition or confidence to become George Gey or other scientists depicted in the book, but I made myself a promise that I will make all the efforts to be a good student in my major and to be both ethical and professional in my future career.

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