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  • 导读:本文是一篇Assignment代写范文分享,本文主要分析了大型零售企业的优势。大型零售企业优势集中体现在其收集消费者信息能力和营销能力上
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本文是一篇Assignment代写范文分享,本文主要分析了大型零售企业的优势。大型零售企业优势集中体现在其收集消费者信息能力和营销能力上, 他们直接面对消费者, 能够迅速了解市场需求动态,把握消费者的消费需求,并及时做出相应应对措施,生产并销售消费者需求最旺盛的产品,从而获得更高的投资回报。现代电子计算机技术在零售企业中的广泛应用使这种优势更加明显。



The advantage of the large retail enterprises embodied in its ability to collect consumer information and marketing ability, they directly to consumers, dynamic, able to quickly understand the market demand to grasp the consumer demand, and make corresponding measures, timely products production and sales of consumer demand is the most exuberant, so as to get a higher return on investment. Widely used in modern electronic computer technology in the retail enterprise make this advantage is more obvious. 


Own-brand products inside sales, with the aid of the business reputation formed their long-term assets, save a lot of advertising and other promotional cost; Their production or custom production own-brand products, stock don't have to be through the intermediate links, saves part of circulation cost; Own-brand products, merchants have set the price of the initiative, at the same time, when consumer is buying cannot in different stores are compared, and the brand is not affected by the price discount.   

Performance of the enterprise organization production experience in capital operation of the brand management and the order of OEM enterprise business relations, etc. To enterprise's marketing ability put forward a new test, retailers after the implementation of integration, in the choice of suppliers, the cost of lack of experience on the trade-off between price and quality. On the extension of commodity varieties, how to provide more variety of choices, and how the private brands manufacturers optimal matching between brands, deserves further research.

Retailers in addition to the signature type has its own brand, own brand identity, symbol, sign in with manufacturers competition facing great difficulties, most innovative brands is far less than the manufacturer brand. Reason is that most of the retail no strength is very strong r&d team, so it's hard to do support all the research and development of the brand.

Retailers generally lack of product design and quality control and technology professionals, it is difficult to market survey forecast and on the basis of product design and development, but also to the OEM enterprise qualification certification and technical level; Deregulation in the process of production and processing, which is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product.

Consumers a preliminary understanding of own brand is still in a low price low-quality level. Combined with many own-brand products would not like a manufacturer brand through extensive mass media marketing. Consumers' own brand awareness is not high, change the consumer buying habits will need over time, retailers due to quality control does not reach the designated position, case of own brand products attract consumers quality complaints from time to time. Such as auchan supermarket travel.like flower shampoo hair loss events caused by the consumer, Beijing wumart unqualified food hygiene and other negative reports on adverse effects of the fame of the enterprise, resulting in a decline in consumer's perception of own-brand products.

The amount of excess production capacity of large manufacturers大型制造商的产能过剩   Small manufacturers. The manufacturer's dilemma for retailers to develop their own brands provides a golden opportunity. In addition, the current our country commercial behavior is not standard, still on the market are still filled with all kinds of fake and inferior commodities, and many can be real ones. To this, the general consumer often concerned when shopping. Customers to some well-known shopping malls, supermarket shopping, often is to spend money to buy a rest assured. Especially in the case of the overall food safety situation is not optimistic, chain supermarket has become the most trust of consumers shopping places. This recognition for own brand consumer provides psychological conditions.

"11th five-year plan" period, the domestic retail enterprises face the complicated and changeable situation both at home and abroad, enterprises adhere to satisfy people's consumption demand as the starting point, and continuously explore and innovative marketing mode, to promote the transformation of development mode, and made remarkable achievements. During the period of "11th five-year plan" national total retail sales of consumer goods grew by an average of 18.1% a year, and become one of the fastest growth period since the reform and opening up, in 2010 the national social total retail sales of consumer goods has reached 15.7 trillion yuan, including 13.6 trillion urban implementation of retail sales of consumer goods, rural retail sales of consumer goods reached 2.1 trillion, respectively, compared to 2005 increased by 1.3 times and 1.1 times the average growth of 18.4% and 16.5%. In the first five months of 2011, the stable growth of China's total retail sales of consumer goods, a total of 7.1268 trillion yuan, up 16.6% from a year earlier. Competition leads to evolution, in the fierce competition, many large retail business, with its high-quality products and perfect service in consumers mind gradually establish a good image, the consumers always to "trustworthy shop", "trustworthy" shop to go shopping, so these powerful big stores, shops or old became places frequented by consumers. Have loyal customers and good reputation as a guarantee, the implementation of the own brand already took a key step.

There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, due to its strength is not strong, and many other restrictions, they are more willing to with the retailer has a good reputation and profit space cooperation, to provide production and processing services, and even some medium 2, level 3, due to its own distribution channel not free, are willing to cooperate with large retailers, to provide some or all of the production capacity. Like summer into the milk to be a partner with carrefour supermarket with carrefour labeled milk

As the mainstream of a family of brands, manufacturers brands will inevitably produce the main threat to own brand. Own-brand products into the market with the attitude of a new product, is bound to have a consumer understanding, acceptance, accept purchase psychological process. Retailers must through the appropriate price, quality positioning breakthrough with shelves advantages for the consumers of eyeball, only to cost-effective for consumers to buy, from the early price into competitive advantage through effective brand management for consumer acceptance. Some items in manufacturer has established a strong brand in the industry, after years of market baptism, they have built up strong brand assets, customer loyalty is higher, retailers if into certain commodities of these industries will face high barriers to entry, such as the pressure of competition, commodity sales promotion expenses, plus their financial strength has no obvious advantage, lack of brand marketing experience, credibility and reputation in the eyes of consumers is limited, it is difficult to compete with strong manufacturer brands.

Although the domestic retail enterprises through the expansion of recent years and mergers and acquisitions, made a long-term development. But in the scale of capital, management compared with foreign enterprises, the gap is bigger. Such as Shanghai one hundred per 70 billion yuan with the international retail sales giant aircraft carrier sales of billions of dollars. Foreign retail enterprises in the application of own brand strategy to start earlier, has a mature experience. And the landing of the multinational comprehensive supermarket chain at home, in the wal-mart, carrefour, tesco, bofeng lotus, metro with profound background in multinational company, have launched their own brand products at home, set a good image, it is understood that Shanghai carrefour in 1998 to set up their own brands, the Shanghai metro also introduce brands in the same year, Shanghai bofeng lotus (institute) in 1999 to set up their own brands, rt-mart, tesco, easy to buy, century lianhua also launching their own brands in similar time. These retailers are at a very early age will launch a variety of brands in China, until now has been fully mature, it will bring great threat the retail enterprises in our country.

The large retail enterprises in our country in recent years as developing rapidly as "spring". China's large retail enterprises to develop into a new stage. 2005 retail industry in our country, especially in large retail enterprise development environment with great changes: one is the increase in the consumer market and stable growth trend in further strengthen, 2005 retail total actual growth 12%, growth rate and growth, is the highest since 1997; 2 it is on December 11, 2004, China's retail industry fully open to foreign, foreign retail enterprises in speeding up the rate of expansion; Three is the national training policy measures to support the development of large circulation enterprises, into the implementation; Four is the "thousand village township" project, for some of the large retail enterprises to enter or expand the rural market has created a new opportunity; Five is the specification and to promote the development of retailing the formulation of the relevant laws and regulations issued or to enter our country to the founding of the "hottest" period, the relationship between China's retail industry development environment of the new change, promote the large retail enterprises of our country has entered a new stage of development.