Essay Writing Skill: Avoiding Generalizations

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baydue Essay Writing Skill - Essay Writing Skill: Avoiding Generalizations


n.[C] a statement about all the members of a group that may be true in some ormany situations but is not true in every case (片面的)概括,泛论


1. Living and working in a foreign country can make youmore rounded as a person. (rounded:adj. 全面的,完善的 well-rounded graduates 全面发展的毕业生 She has a well-rounded background in management. 她有很全面的管理背景。)

2. Secondly, moving abroad can lead to a better qualityof life.

3. By living overseas, you can gain qualifications andlanguage skills, which may improve promotion prospects on your return. (prospects 常复数=chances of future success前途,前程 job/career/employment prospects就业前景 Prospects for a lasting peace remain doubtful.持久和平的前景难料。)

4. Another issue is that it can be difficult to start anew life from scratch. (fromscratch 从零开始,从头开始,白手起家)

5. This process takes time and can be especiallychallenging if there is also a language barrier to deal with.

6. It can be difficult to find a job when you are in aforeign country.

7. Working from home can make it difficult to build goodrelationships with your colleagues.

8. Losing touch with friends from home can causeunhappiness.

9. Working from home could make life much easier.


1. In many cases / the majority of cases, it is extremelydifficult at first to integrate in a new society.

2. Generally speaking, moving abroad is a very difficultthing to do.

3. For many, the language barrier is a major problem. (=for a lot ofpeople but not everyone)

4. For many, it is difficult to find a job when you are in a foreigncountry.

5. This often leads to homesickness and in some cases asense of isolation.

6. Children often copy the behaviour of their parents.

7. Learning a language often gets harder with age.

8. Young people often turn to crime because of the lackof employment opportunities in their area.

Generally speaking, getting married is one of the most significantexperiences in a person’s life. It can be difficult at times, butyou could say the same for anything that is worth doing. Sadly, inmany cases, marriage ends in divorce. This is often because thecouple got married at a young age.


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