Introduction to Essays

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What is an Essay?‘’

  • A piece of writing about one topic
  • Several paragraphs or more

Parts of an Essay


  • It tells you what the essay is going to be about.
  • Introduction
  • It has some background information or other general statements about the topic.

Body paragraphs

  • Each essay need at least two body paragraphs; The body statements help to develop the thesis statement. That means they give reasons and examples. That help to prove the thesis statement.


  • A conclusion wraps up the essay. You might summarize your main points pr restate your thesis.

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Types of Essays


  • It is a kind of essay that supports a thesis using example, shows the reader something through examples.


  • It is a kind of essay that proves a point by giving reasons, each body paragraph will give another reason to support the thesis.


  • It divides a topic into categories and each body paragraph will be a separate category.


  • It is a type of essay that show the similarities between two things or the differences between two things.


  • It will describe the causes of something or the effects of something.

Rules of Academic Essays

  • Use 3rd person pronouns
  • Cite your source
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Use correct format
  • handwrite, typed, MLA, APA

Different Kinds of Essays

Description——A place or event

Narration——A story

Process——How to do something


Introduction Paragraphs

Hooks, Funnels, and Thesis Statements


  • Attract attention
  • Create interest
  • Make the reader want to continue

Surprising Statement

  • Some people may not realize that McDonald’s hamburgers can last for many years without rotting.



  • What makes teenagers lie to their parents?


  • Andy Warhol wisely pointed out that “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”



  • General statements/ Hook
  • More specific statements
  • Thesis statement
  • topic(topic is the subject or the thing that you are taking about) + controlling idea(is what you want to say about the topic, it’s where your argument is)

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t announce your thesis(same as “I will give”)
  • Don’t write a fact(fact is not arguable)
  • Don’t write a popular opinion
  • Don’t use pronouns, be specific
  • Don’t forget the two parts

Sample Thesis Statements

Iceland is a beautiful country to visit to learn about a new culture.

  • The topic is Iceland, and the controlling idea is that it is a beautiful place to learn about a new culture.

What is Wrong with These Thesis Statements?

  • It’s important to change it because it will protect the environment.
  • I will give four reasons why Germany won the Cup World.
  • People should stop smoking because it is dangerous for health and is a dirty habit.
  • Saving money is important.


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